August 05 - 07, 2018 | Napa Valley, CA

Joe Vellaiparambil

Chief Data & Analytics Officer
AXA Equitable
Joe Vellaiparambil is a leader with a passion for driving competitive advantage by leveraging data to gain strategic insight. He is most recognized for his outstanding ability to plan and build analytical capabilities that support business strategy enabling top line growth and profitability. Throughout his career, he has saved companies millions of dollars through the development of strategies, eliminating unnecessary expenses, and consolidating disparate functions. As the Chief Data & Analytics Officer at AXA Equitable, Mr. Vellaiparambil is responsible for the creation, implementation and the maintenance of the enterprise data strategy that enables AXA Equitable to be a data driven company. He champions the monetization of the data assets for competitive advantage, partners with the business areas to identify and implement analytical capabilities that increase top line and improve profitability, and he leverages data assets to improve customer experience.

1:10 PM Establishing Data and Analytics as an Organizational Priority by Addressing the Soft Skills: People, Politics and Culture

For data analytics leaders, it is a never-ending challenge to set data and analytics as an organizational priority that goes beyond just the technical barriers. The key elements to creating a data and analytics-driven organization are the people, politics and culture. In this session, hear Joe Vellaiparambil, the CDAO from AXA Equitable, discuss the organizational impediments to achieving ROI from data and analytics investments, the capabilities needed in a data and analytics organization, and methods he has successfully used to operationalize and embed analytics in his organization. 

Participants should leave with key ideas to bring back to their organization including:
  • Influence management buy-in for the DAO agenda
  • Technical infrastructure required to support the DAO
  • Business collaboration for realizing value
  • Achieve the best out of your IT partners and assets
  • Motivating and retaining analytics talent.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Joe.

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